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Dog Collar Accessory Flower

Dog Collar Accessory Flower

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Make your furry friend stand out with our beautiful large 4"x4" dog collar flower. These eye-catching accessory easily attach to your dog's collar, adding a pop of color and style to their look. Give your pup a fresh and fashionable makeover with our stunning flowers.



4" X 4"



All flowers have a white felt back with white hook and loop Velcro to attach to collar

The strong Velcro strap on the back secures flower in place when you attach to the dog collar correctly.

There would be no alterations needed when you purchase the flowers. I sew the velcro into place & trim the velcro to the collar width you have provided me.

Each flower attaches to collar width of your choice

3/4" (may look VERY large on a 3/4" width collar)

Most ideal for: 1" or 1 1/2" medium to large breed dogs

These flowers are fashionable & beautiful. They are not intended to be pulled on, played with, rough play, left on during daycare, scratched at, unattended, or tugged as they with snag & shred.

Any flower sold by Furever Fashion by April, LLC, April can pose as a choking hazard. It is the responsibility of the dog owner/buyer to make certain their dog is not left unsupervised & supervised while the fashionable flower is worn or sitting around. Please keep out of reach of any living being as the flower can pose as a choking hazard. Furever Fashion by April, LLC, FureverfashionLLC, April would not be held liable for any tragic situations and or any wear and tear to the flower.

Smaller 3"x3" flowers are available in another listing under the "Dog Collar Flower" category.

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